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Flutists inhale helium before playing mozart

Flutists Inhale Helium Before Playing Mozart These flutists, who run a popular educational channel on YouTube, decided to inhale some helium before playing Mozarts classic tune, Turkish March. The results were entertaining and funny, as there were certain notes that proved difficult to achieve with the altered state of the flutists voices. Credit: YouTube/The Flute Channel
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

March  ·  Proved difficult  ·  Funny notes  ·  Flutists  ·  Channel  ·  turkish  ·  Achieve altered


How to rip cds to .flac using exact audio copy (lossless)

If you want to make sure you have a lossless, top-quality archive of all of those old-fashioned CDs you might have lying around, this tutorial will show you how to rip your CDs to lossless .FLAC files using a program called Exact Audio Copy. The best part is - it's all for FREE!Download Exact Audio Copy here: media player I use for FLAC files is Foobar2000: standard players such as VLC and Media Player Classic support .FLAC files, as well.Thanks for watching!-----Interested in a YouTube partnership? We have a network - Geek! - Our premiere geeky network for all things geeky (comics, anime, TCGs, manga, toys and more). Apply for your YouTube partnership and earn amazing benefits & sponsorships! video was funded by the best! Support us on Patreon and get early access to videos & more! ------ Sign up for PlayFire to track your game stats and earn *discounts* on game purchases! Check out our favorite gaming accessory, KontrolFreek and get 10% off your whole order! - Check out my website for gaming news & updates: ------ G+ (Follow us! It helps a lot!): Twitter: Live Stream: Instagram: Facebook: thanks to Catghost for doing the art for our faces! Check her out! Catghost: Midorea:
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

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Silk road founder ross ulbricht sentenced to life in prison

Ross Ulbricht, the man known for running the underground marketplace for drugs Silk Road, was sentenced on Friday to life in prison in a New York federal court.Ulbricht, known by his pseudonym "Dread Pirate Roberts" on the site, built Silk Road into an empire. Authorities made over 60 undercover drug purchases on the site between November 2011 and November 2013. He delivered a tearful plea to the judge for leniency in the courtroom prior to the sentencing, and said he was a "different person.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

York  ·  Running  ·  Person  ·  Made undercover  ·  Drugs  ·  Site  ·  Hofstra University


The rhythm of kollywood | audio jukebox

Listen toThe Rhythm of Kollywood!!!Song Name: Red Road-uComposer: Vishal ChandrashekharSinger: Santhosh Narayanan, Sean Roldan, Vishal ChandrashekharLyrics: Deeraj VaidySong Name: UR My DarlingComposer: Thaman SSinger: Thaman SLyrics: KarkySong Name: Neeye Unakku RajaComposer: GhibranSinger: Kamal Haasan, Aishvarrya, Yazin NizarLyrics: VairamuthuSong Name: Rasathi Folk VersionComposer: Santhosh NarayananSinger: Lalitha VijaykumarLyrics: VivekSong Name: Sarakka Composer: AmritSinger: AmritLyrics: AmritSong Name: Endi Ippadi Composer: Santhosh NarayananSinger: Santhosh NarayananLyrics: Ganesh Kumar KrishSong Name: En VeetulaComposer: Siddharth VipinSinger: Gaana BalaLyrics: LalithanadSong Name: Pa Paba PaComposer: Karthikeya MurthySinger: Rakendu MouliLyrics: SabarivaasanSong Name: PistahComposer: Rajesh MurugesanSinger: Shabareesh VarmaLyrics: Jagath SreekumarSong Name: Thaarru Maarru Composer: Thaman SSinger: T.Rajendhar, PriyadarshiniLyrics: KarkySong Name: Vinai Theerkum Pillayada Composer: Sean RoldanSinger: Sean Roldan, Chorus Sathyaprakash, Shenbagaraj, Aravind SrinivasLyrics: KabilanSong Name: Hey PappaComposer: G.V. Prakash KumarSinger: G.V. Prakash Kumar, Gana Bala, AishwaryaLyrics: Na Muthukumar, Gaana BalaSong Name: Patta Podunga JiComposer: Justin PrabhakaranSinger: Karthick, Padmalatha, Nelson Venkatesan, VeeraLyrics: VeeraSong Name: Fy Fy Fy KalaachifyComposer: D.ImmanSinger: Remya NambessanLyrics: KarkySong Name: Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam Composer: A.R.RahmanSinger: A.R.Rahman, Kash n KrissyLyrics: Kaarki, Kash n KrissySong Name: Come Na ComeComposer: Santhosh NarayananSinger: Ganesh Kumar B, ChinnaLyrics: Ganesh Kumar BSong Name: Pandi Naatu KodiComposer: Santhosh NarayananSinger: Anthony Dasan, KaruvaayanLyrics: Anthony DaasanSong Name: Othakada Othakada Machan Composer: D.ImmanSinger: Hariharasudan, Sooraj SanthoshLyrics: VairamuthuSong Name: Love EndravenComposer: Thaman SSinger: STR, Santhanam, VTV GaneshLyrics: STRSong Name: Prayer SongComposer: Siddarth VipinSinger: Naresh Iyer, Dr.Narayanan (Slogan)Lyrics: KarkySong Name: Madras Composer: Santhosh NarayananSinger: Hariharasudhan, Meenakshi IyerLyrics: KabilanSong Name: O Baby Come With meComposer: D.ImmanSinger: D.Imman, MLR KarthikeyanLyrics: Na MuthukumarSong Name: Appa TuckerComposer: Dharan KumarSinger: Physco UnitLyrics: Physco Unit(Malaysia)Song Name: Enda MaplaComposer: Santhosh NarayananSinger: Gaana Bala, Sathish, DheeLyrics: Gaana Bala, RK SundarSong Name: NandooruthuComposer: C.SathyaSinger: Palaniammal, ChinnLyrics: Mani AmuthavanTitle: Rhythm of KollywoodAudio Label: Think MusicFor All Latest Updates :Subscribe to us on: us on: us on: us on: music:
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]


Microgrids and mobile tech bring solar power to rural kenya

In July 2014, Kenyan renewable energy firm SteamaCo set up a solar microgrid in Entasopia a remote area on the southern savannah. Some 70 people in Entasopia are now benefiting from SteamaCo's solar microgrid project.According to SteamaCo's website, the company operates 23 power and water microgrids in East Africa and Nepal.Tapping into Kenya's abundance of sunshine, the company has installed high-capacity solar panels at power hubs, where energy is stored in high-voltage batteries.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Capacity panels  ·  Microgrids  ·  Microgrid  ·  Entasopia  ·  Mobile  ·  July  ·  Power
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