Combat cane

Basic Urban Combat Cane tactics training

Urban Combat Cane tactics. *DISCLAIMER* Do not attempt any of the martial arts techniques, unless in a fit state of health or with an instructor. hlb101 is n...

Basic Urban Combat Cane tactics training
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Tactical basics of the combat cane!

Autumn seminar with master Ziggy in Charleroi! Write for seminar info!!

Tactical basics of the combat cane
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MCS Drugstore Combat Cane Basics


MCS Drugstore Combat Cane Basics
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ARNIS CANE FIGHTING Grand Master Galo D. Lalic (Rainer Loeser)

The cane is very useful indeed. Today it is used in Arnis fighting, but during the Cold war era, it was used as a lethal weapon. Grand Master Galo Lalic demo...

ARNIS CANE FIGHTING Grand Master Galo D Lalic Rainer Loeser
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Combat Cane Steet Defense Release from Choke Hold With Master Ed Martin.

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Combat Cane techniques

Bawo Dr. Oba demostates some cane techniques.

Combat Cane techniques
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Dr. Oba Freestyle Combat Cane Disarms( Moyo Nguvu style)

This is a segment of the Prof.Ronald Duncan tribute we did for kwanzaa. The combat cane is a very effective self Defense weapon and Dr.Oba is a master of thi...

Dr Oba Freestyle Combat Cane Disarms Moyo Nguvu style
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Fast & Explosive Jeet Kune Do Training / Urban Combat Cane Tactics

Taking the martial arts back to the original source with a 70's feel. Jeet - Kune - Do Training. *DISCLAIMER* Do not attempt any of the martial arts techniqu...

Fast Explosive Jeet Kune Do Training Urban Combat Cane Tactics
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Combat may take place under a specific set of rule or be unregulated. Examples of rules include the Geneva Conventions (covering the treatment of captured enemy persons in war), medieval chivalry, the Marquess of Queensberry rules (covering boxing) and several forms of .Combat in involves two or more opposing military organizations, usually fighting for nations at war (although guerrilla warfare and suppression of insurgencies can fall outside this definition). Warfare falls under the laws of war, which govern its purposes and conduct, and protect the rights of combatants and non-combatants.

Combat may be armed (using ) or unarmed (not using ). Hand-to-hand combat (melee) is combat at very close range, attacking the opponent with the body (striking, , strangling, etc.) and/or with a melee weapon (knives, , baton, etc.), as opposed to a ranged weapon.

Hand-to-hand combat can be further divided into three sections depending on the distance and positioning of the combatants:
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Combat Cane

B-17 was the bomb, wwii vet recalls

"It was my parlor." He's now 95, a little hard of hearing and using a cane because of equilibrium problems that annoy him, but he's needle thin and rail straight. We are having ... Blinebury arrives wearing the very hat he wore in combat. He got into ...


Wounded warrior to compete in 'quantico tri'

"I've always been active, so after being injured, walking with a cane and being reduced to the couch, I didn't feel like I was contributing as much as I could. ... Discounting their own safety, Morales and his team tended each other's wounds and kept ...


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