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MADRASA is a true story based on an Afghan refugee family living in Iran after war in Afghanistan.

Film portrays an innocent 8 year old Afghan girl Meena who wants to go to School, but circumstances and law in Iran dont allow her to do so. Her father Farha...

MADRASA is a true story based on an Afghan refugee family living in Iran after war in Afghanistan
Rating: 4.44/5 [Total raters: 156]

MADRASA - Afghan Film Trailer

WATCH ONLINE- MADRASA is based on true story about Afghan refugee family living in Iran after war in Afghanistan. This is abou...

MADRASA - Afghan Film Trailer
Rating: 4.08/5 [Total raters: 26]

15-10-2011.Abdullah Nadir.Film Madrasa.فيلم مدرسة.عبد الله نادر

15-10-2011.Abdullah Nadir.Film Madrasa.فيلم مدرسة.عبد الله نادر.

15-10-2011 Abdullah Nadir Film Madrasa فيلم مدرسة عبد الله نادر
Rating: 5.00/5 [Total raters: 7]

MADRASA filme report.wmv

فلم مدرسه ازتازه ترین ساخته های اسد سکندر کارگردان افغان است که بنابر دلایل سیاسی اقبال نمایش نیافت.

MADRASA filme report wmv
Rating: 4.47/5 [Total raters: 15]

Man Nagoyam - Ahmad Zahir (Film Madrasa)

Ahmad Zahir was legendary singer, songwriter and composer from Afghanistan. He is also referred as an "King of Afghan Music".

Man Nagoyam - Ahmad Zahir Film Madrasa
Rating: 5.00/5 [Total raters: 4]


A film by Asad Sikandar MADRASA is true story about Afghan refugees in Iran.

Rating: 5.00/5 [Total raters: 9]

By by ya madrassa-sanajib-hamza assa.FLV

By by ya madrassa-sanajib-hamza assa FLV
Rating: 4.31/5 [Total raters: 35]

Bay bay madrasa

Bay bay madrasa
Rating: 4.68/5 [Total raters: 2475]


Film Entry at THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival Directed by: Shayna Dhanoo & Nismah Siddique Nominated for: Best Sound, Best National Picture, Best Pic...

Rating: 5.00/5 [Total raters: 86]

Ma Fatima (RA) Madrasa - Minister MA Mannan Movie

Minister MA Mannan visited Ma Fatima (RA) Madrasa in May 2013, Alipur, Inathgonj, Sunamgonj.

Ma Fatima RA Madrasa - Minister MA Mannan Movie
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Film Madrasa

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More than anything else, Saulnier's film reminds me of recent Australian crime thrillers that refuse to pull punches, while taking full advantage of the foreboding natural settings and ugliest quirks of the characters. “Blue Ruin” is the kind of movie ...


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