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Wikipedia about: Life Racism

Early theories


Some of the earliest theories of life were materialist, holding that all that exists is matter, and that life is merely a complex form or arrangement of matter. Empedocles (430 BC) argued that every thing in the universe is made up of a combination of four eternal "elements" or "roots of all": earth, water, air, and fire. All change is explained by the arrangement and rearrangement of these four elements. The various forms of life are caused by an appropriate mixture of elements.

Democritus (460 BC) thought that the essential characteristic of life is having a soul (psyche). Like other ancient writers, he was attempting to explain what makes something a living thing. His explanation was that fiery atoms make a soul in exactly the same way atoms and void account for any other thing. He elaborates on fire because of the apparent connection between life and heat, and because fire moves.

The mechanistic materialism that originated in ancient Greece was revived and revised by the French philosopher René Descartes, who held that animals and humans were assemblages of parts that together functioned as a machine. In the 19th century, the advances in cell theory in biological science encouraged this view. The theory of Charles Darwin (1859) is a mechanistic explanation for the origin of species by means of natural selection.


Hylomorphism is a theory, originating with Aristotle (322 BC), that all things are a combination of matter and form.…
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Life Racism

Michael b. jordan slams haters who don't want a black human torch

Michael B. Jordan is changing how people view comic book stars and is proud to do so. The actor just penned an essay to respond to those 'Fantastic Four' fans who aren't happy that a black star is playing The Human Torch. And we have to say, his ...
[Source: hollywoodlife.com]

Google images campaign wants search engine to stop seeing white skin as ...

A lot of people choose to turn a blind eye to the privileges you get simply by being white, as well as to the systematic racism experienced by people of color in their everyday lives. To try and change the results, Burai has created a special website ...
[Source: www.independent.co.uk]

How do you define a gang member?

If Brennan could convince the jury that Gomez had been murdered, as he put it, for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with the Sureo criminal street gang, then Sebourn and his co-defendants could be facing 50 years to life in ...
[Source: www.nytimes.com]

Segregationists never went away: we just call them small-government ...

I am pointing to these practices in this larger argument about the way the notion of public has become a tool of propaganda in order to suggest a couple of things: One, racialized practices and racism still occur even when there is no identifiable ...
[Source: www.salon.com]

Personal trainer, baker for city's elite confronts racism in kids book

Tyler said his menagerie of occupations, plus writing "The Skin You Live In," has exemplified his life's objective. "I always remember my grandfather telling me to do the very things you love the most, and then try to figure out how to make a living ...
[Source: www.dnainfo.com]

Children would like to ditch racism and bad weather but keep shepherd's pie

Children are looking at life 100 years ago, imagining what they want for Ireland in the future and considering ways to remember the children who died during the Easter Rising. On Tuesday, about 50 pupils from primary schools in Louth, Meath and Dublin ...
[Source: www.irishtimes.com]

Opinionator | peter singer: on animal rights and human rights

P.S.: Although it is true, of course, that we have not overcome racism, sexism or discrimination against people with disabilities, there is at least widespread acceptance that such discrimination is wrong, and there are laws that seek to prevent it ...
[Source: opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com]

The rock vs. the world: from godzilla to racism, a list of dwayne johnsons ...

Having solidified his standing as America's undisputed larger-than-life action star, The Rock now necessitates foes as gargantuan as his own bulging biceps and titanic trapezius muscles. While San Andreas is an admirable next step in his conquest of ...
[Source: www.thedailybeast.com]

The white protestant roots of american racism

It's easy to be outraged when something as tangible as a video of a man being executed by police surfaces, but more insidious forms of racism still permeate our views of what does and does not constitute valid workeven among those who don't subscribe ...
[Source: www.newrepublic.com]

The unbearable 'emptiness' of sepp blatter?

"He is simply scared of the future, as he has given his life to the institution, to the point where he now identifies himself fully with FIFA," Platini said, referring to Blatter. "I understand the fear of that emptiness that he must have; it's natural ...
[Source: www.cnn.com]

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