Huawei c6110

Suhu Abui vs Suhu Afen {C6110}

Trik Jumper Huawei C6110.

Suhu Abui vs Suhu Afen C6110

Unlock Huawei G6600 Passport

How To Unlock Huawei G6600 by Unlock Code Need to learn how to unlock Huawei G6600? Unlocking Huawei G6600 using FastGSM and you will...

Unlock Huawei G6600 Passport
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Desbloqueo por patrónes erroneos Huawei/Orinoquia

Les muestro como desbloquear un Huawei modelo HB4F1.

Desbloqueo por patrónes erroneos Huawei Orinoquia
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Desarmando celular Huawei G6600

Esto hicimos para pasar un rato lindo.. destruimos el celular de un amigo.. :D.

Desarmando celular Huawei G6600
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Codigos secretos en telefonia movil y fija en celulares y desbloqueo(para todo tipo de celular)

Este el el link del archibo de las 92 paginas con su explicacion y mas de 1000 codigos secretos:

Codigos secretos en telefonia movil y fija en celulares y desbloqueo para todo tipo de celular
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Whatsapp para moviles java

whatsapp aplicacion deseada para moviles jar (java): suascribiros y pedirme el enlace por mp y yo os lo dare en un dia o dia y medio y mi numero de whatsapp ...

Whatsapp para moviles java
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Como descargar juegos,temas y aplicaciones para huawei

link arreglado :

Como descargar juegos temas y aplicaciones para huawei
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Huawei HB5I1H Battery Enter coupon code "youtube" during checkout at to receive 10% off your entir...

Huawei HB5I1H Battery
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Huawei (pronounced ) is the official English transliteration of the Chinese name 华为 (). The character means "splendid" or "magnificent", but can also mean "China". The character means "action" or "achievement". Therefore, Huawei means either splendid achievement for China, or 'action for China'.


Early years

Huawei was founded by Ren Zhengfei in 1987, with an initial registered capital of RMB21,000. Established in Shenzhen, Huawei started off as a sales agent for a Hong Kong company producing private branch exchange (PBX) switches. By 1990, Huawei began its own independent research and commercialization of PBX technologies targeting hotels and small enterprises. After accumulating knowledge and resources on the PBX business, Huawei achieved its first breakthrough into the mainstream telecommunications market in 1992, when it launched its C&C08 digital telephone switch, which had the largest switching capacity in China at the time. By initially deploying in small cities and rural areas, the company gradually gained market share and made its way into the mainstream market.

International expansion

thumb|Huawei Office in Ontario, CanadaIn 1997, Huawei won its first overseas contract, providing fixed-line network products to Hong Kong company Hutchison Whampoa.

In 2005, Huawei’s international contract orders exceeded its domestic sales for the first time. Huawei signed a Global Framework Agreement with Vodafone. This agreement marked the first time…
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