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Prince harry looks like a portrait of king philip iv of spain, according to a hilarious app

A new app that finds dopplegangers reveals that Royal Family look like their ancestors - including Harry baring a striking resemblance to a Spanish King.And even his big brother Prince William got in on the act - closely resembling a 400-year-old painting of Prince Philip William of Orange by Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt (corr).The new Google Arts and Culture app, which matches selfies to fine art, has taken the internet by storm - with celebrity users including Kate Hudson, Sarah Silverman and Zach Braff.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Royal  ·  Ancestors  ·  Reveals  ·  Portrait  ·  Lakers  ·  William  ·  Internet storm


Tintfit window films standard medium 20 blacksmoked car window tinting film 76cm x 6m

Go to Amazon.co.uk : Tintfit Window Films STANDARD MEDIUM 20 BLACKSMOKED CAR WINDOW TINTING FILM 76cm x 6mProduct Description : Just enter how many metres you need in the quantity box and it will be supplied to you in one continious length without any joins up to a maximum of 30mAuto Film - Easy Shrink - Non Fade - Scratch ResistantCan be applied to vehicles and most other glazingPrevents UV light for skin conditions and fading of fabrics etcYou still see out fine day and night Dark smoked effect where people looking in may see someone behind the glass but not necessarily who it is
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Fort walton beach, fl - toyota auto repair service center

Get the professional service you deserve when you come to Toyota of Fort Walton Beach. We are in Fort Walton Beach, FL, near Santa Rosa, FL. Get a quote for service on your Toyota vehicle. If you need engine repair or transmission service, we have got you covered. At Toyota of Fort Walton Beach we make sure it is done right the first time. Come to your local Toyota service station serving the Fort Walton Beach, FL and Navarre, FL areas. 1006 North Beal Parkway Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547. Call 850-863-2161 or check us out at .
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

76cm  ·  Tintfit  ·  Standard  ·  Medium  ·  Scratch resistantcan  ·  Continious length  ·  Window


Governor & dr. foy visit workshop initiative for support in education (wise)earlier today, governor tim foy & dr. foy visited the wise campus of the albena la

Governor & Dr. Foy visit Workshop Initiative for Support in Education (WISE)Earlier today, Governor Tim Foy & Dr. Foy visited the WISE campus of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School. The visitors were welcomed by WISE Director Gabriel Klaren, staff, volunteers and students to their new temporary location across from the Princess Alexandra Hospital. The schools previous building suffered extensive damage from hurricane Irma.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Moments you wouldnt believe if they werent recorded

We do NOT own the video materials and all credits belong to respectful owners. In case of copyright issues, please contact us immediately for further credits or clip delete.DISCLAIMER:Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as education, criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing."
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Owners case  ·  Campus  ·  Visit  ·  Recorded video  ·  Education  ·  Students  ·  Belong respectful


Emotional moment grandmother meets man behind experimental drug that saved her life

This is the emotional moment a grandmother finally met the man behind the experimental drug that saved her life. Sandy Tansley, 73, endured surgery and countless cycles of chemotherapy for stage three ovarian cancer without success and had four tumours spread to her stomach.She was told that she had "nothing to lose" when she was offered the chance to take part in a clinical trial for an experimental cancer drug.The grandmother-of-six would never have met her youngest Harry, aged four, if it was not for the success of an experimental trial.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

What makes britain's best roast dinner?

Move over gravy - Brits are enjoying ketchup, mayonnaise and even yoghurt with a roast, according to research.Gone are the days of roast beef smothered in gravy as Brits are opting for alternative condiments.Salad cream, BBQ sauce and sour cream also appeared among the list of side sauces for dunking roasties into.The study of 2,000 adults was commissioned by McCain to launch an experimental restaurant experience especially for roast dinner lovers.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Tumours  ·  Stomach  ·  Emotional  ·  Success  ·  Grandmother  ·  Experimental  ·  Roast


The other war - full film

Learn More: Directed and produced by Tamr Glezerman > After three years of festivals and official screenings, it's time for some good old internet sharing. The Other War is a 43-minute-long Israeli fiction film that tells the tale of Tel-Aviv during the second Lebanon war (2006). It has gotten a lot of media attention for its straightforward take on the topics of Israeli and lesbian identity, and has traveled festivals worldwide, as well as been regularly screened at cinematheques and art house cinemas in Israel. More info on the trailer page and at and don't forget to check out the press section for reviews.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Madre: 2017 sxsw film fest teaser promo

Diana Prieto is pregnant; and taking care of her first child, Martin, who has a child development problem, has become overwhelming. She has no one to help her while her husband, Tomas, spends months working in Asia. Dianas at her breaking point with Martin when Luz, a gifted caregiver from the Philippines, steps in to help. Martin quickly begins improving under Luzs supervision, but Dianas worried that hes only being taught to speak Filipino. Diana begins to suspect that Luz is using the language barrier and voodoo to turn Martin against Diana and into something far more sinister
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Festivals  ·  Boban Marjanovic  ·  Cinematheques  ·  Film  ·  Attention  ·  Begins  ·  Husband tomas


I'm lonely..

FOLLOW LARA ON INSTAGRAM - SIGN UP FOR OUR WEBSITE HERE: SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS!! - FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM - Subscribe for more College Pranks, Skits, Humor, Street Interviews and more! Thanks for watching :)
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]


10 planets you won't believe exist

What planet might be made of diamonds? What planet is being constantly melted away by its own Sun? Here are 10 of the most bizarre planets astronomers have found in the known universePatreon: Merch: Check out our mobile game: DOLAN KART. Play free today!Android - Apple - Legal notes---Video narrated by Dolan Script written by TimeWanderer Video edited by martiAn Image credits & information sources for this video: Planet Dolan PTY LTD have made reasonable inquiries within the timeframe available to identify the source of any images/information used and attribute the source accordingly.DD Groove Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Game  ·  Martian image  ·  Identify source  ·  Found  ·  Exist  ·  Stanford football  ·  Video


What 6 things you should never do after eating?

Read more: What 6 Things You Should Never Do After Eating? here what 6 things you should never do after eating. Also learn what are the consequences of doing such things. Most of them usually we are doing in our everyday life due to not aware of exactly what will happen. What are the risk and benefits taking care such simple things? We have given a link of Youtube Video to know these important things. Briefly we can say the following things you should never do after eating. Details youll find in the Video below:1. Smoking:You know that smoking is dangerous for smoker, even more dangerous for non-smokers. So, after eating smoking become destructive.2. Never go to bed after a meal:Try to avoid go to bed immediately after meal. This will bring digestive problems for your health.3. Never rush to shower after a meal:The video above will tell you why you should not take shower after meal and if so, what will happen.4. Drinking tea:Drinking tea is another mistake after meal.5. Eat your fruits before not after a meal:Most people usually eat fruits after meal, but its not correct at all. Itll impact negatively for your health.6. Avoid cold water after a meal:Cold water is another dangerous things we practice drink after meal. But its no good.Disclaimer:The information and materials published in this website and Youtube Video Channel Howto are only educational purpose and dont constitute any medical advice on any subject matter. None of these information is substitute for diagnosis and treatment by health professional. Always prefer advice from physician or qualified health provider prior to start new diet or treatment or suspect any health problem.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Health  ·  Advice  ·  Howto purpose  ·  Video  ·  Dangerous  ·  Disclaimer information  ·  Meal


Life of kylie 1x1

Watch LIFE OF KYLIE Online Full Episodes HD at : Kylie Jenner welcomes viewers to her unfiltered world of fame, fortune, relationships and empire. Network: E! Language: English Related shows: Keeping Up with the Kardashians Genre: Reality television Cast: Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods, Victoria Villarroel, Tokyo Stylez, Ariel Tejada Executive producers: Ryan Seacrest, Gil Goldschein, Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Full  ·  Kris  ·  Fame  ·  Seacrest goldschein  ·  Justin Verlander  ·  Viewers  ·  Villarroel tokyo


49 seconds with the presets

Never send The Presets a thumbs up emoji. Australian electronic duo The Presets participate in our latest 49 Seconds interview, dishing on their favorite duos, the worst Australian stereotypes, and the most underrated electronic music group.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]


Chinese interest in myanmar's resources continues | ft world news

Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: Beijing offers to broker a peace agreement between Myanmar and the Kachin rebels, the recent fighting is threatening to destabilise China's rich and volatile border with Myanmar. The FT's Ben Marino reports on the challenges Beijing faces as it tries to continue to extend its influence in Myanmar amid political reform and a recent wave anti-Chinese protests. FT World News: China Threatens Myanmar After Border Bombing Attack: Tough Times For Chinas Economy:
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Close ties between us president and fox news | world

The presidents daughter was a trustee of Mr Murdochs children by his ex-wife Wendi Deng up until the US election. Matt Garrahan reveals the close ties that exist between the two families. Subscribe to FT.com here: Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: more video content from the Financial Times, visit
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Challenges faces  ·  China rich  ·  World  ·  Reveals  ·  Subscribe  ·  Chinese  ·  News


Photographer uses magnifying glass to capture flowers in their finest form

A photographer has captured the moment spring sprung into life - using a magnifying glass to capture flowers in their finest form. Zoltan Attila Kecskes, 39, picked up the 30 lens at a flea market but never imagined how it would bring his work to life. He uses it to get closer than ever to nature, allowing him to photograph the intricate detail and colour of plants as they bloom. Zoltan said: "It brings the viewer closer, but in a different way because I can pick one individual flower but by using a wide angle lens I can show its surroundings. "Without the magnifying glass,you can see a big beautiful field of flowers, but you might not think about those unique individuals flowers who together make the whole field look beautiful.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Family-of-five rescued after parking on a beach

A family-of-five had to be rescued after parking on a beach - only for their car to be swamped and totally destroyed by the incoming tide. Emergency crews rushed out to the Honda Jazz after it became stuck in the mud - up to the mid window - at Brean, Somerset, a stretch of coastline notorious for swallowing up cars. The family, from Bristol, were led to safety on Sunday but the car could not be saved and was left to nature for the next two days.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Nature  ·  Capture  ·  Rescued  ·  Closer  ·  Life  ·  Photographer  ·  Individuals make


Is tech addictive? it won't be for long. | joscha bach

Do we want to be at the mercy of our devices, or do we want to be fulfilled? Cognitive scientist Joscha Bach explains how the big decision we're coming to in tech ethics will mimic another moment in tech history: the battle of the search engines. In the late 1990s, AltaVista was one of the world's most used search enginesat least until a "small and inconsequential" startup called Google came along. AltaVista served ads, and Google didn't (not back then). For the public, the choice was easy; there's a reason you "Google" the weather rather than "AltaVista" it. We face the same decision now: will we choose tech that harvests our attention and sells it, like highly addictive social media apps; or will we choose tech that is useful to usproducts that help us achieve our own goals? "Right now we mostly build applications that utilize the cravings of people, that make them addicted. People start checking their smartphones every few seconds to see if a new email arrived. But this new email is not going to make them more happy and fulfilled." In the long run, says Bach, technology that aligns with what people want wins. As long as we want the right things, the days of addictive tech are numbered. Joscha Bach's latest book is Principles of Synthetic Intelligence PSI: An Architecture of Motivated Cognition (Oxford Series on Cognitive Models and Architectures)Read more at BigThink.com: Big Think here:YouTube: : : Bach: I remember when the first search engines came around, and back then AltaVista was a very big thing. AltaVista tried to strike a balance between the inconveniencesin terms of advertising and so on that could put off the userand the utility had for the user. So it would, for instance, mix search results with advertising. And at this point Google came along. Google was very small and inconsequential, and nobody really took it seriously. But it did an amazing thing: it did give people exactly what they wanted. It gave them a pretty much ad-free experience. It gave them exactly the search results that they wanted, the best ones, the closest ones to what people wanted to have. And Google dramatically outperformed AltaVista. AltaVista disappeared.That was an amazing insight, to see that if you are in the dramatically scalable economy, like the Internet, where you have the biggest amount of competition that you can possibly have, you need to build a product that is optimally aligned with the interest of the usersunless you manage to get some kind of monopoly and can drive out other competition.And so when we build new products in that space we have to think about how to build the most useful product. Not necessarily just the product that is going to make the biggest amount of money, that is going to have the most efficient business model in some sense or the best business case. Eventually, its going to be the product that is getting the most use by people. And people will find out that they will use what is most useful to them. In the long run, thats going to be the stuff that is not addictive, that is hygienic, that serves the actual needs, that makes them more happy and fulfilled. And right now we mostly build applications that utilize the cravings of people, that make them addicted. People start checking their smartphones every few seconds to see if a new email arrived. But this new email is not going to make them more happy and fulfilled. Instead, it takes away their attention.So I believe the next big movement in how we build technical systems will be hygienic technology. It will be how to build systems that are careful with our attention and how we use it, and that is careful with our way of living and what we want to achieve with the tools that we are building.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Google  ·  Build  ·  Product  ·  Experience closest  ·  Email  ·  Fulfilled  ·  People


Ceo of st. vincent and the grenadines tourism authority, glen beache, speaks with laura gelder of selling travel magazine about how the diverse positioning of t

CEO of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority, Glen Beache, speaks with Laura Gelder of Selling Travel Magazine about how the diverse positioning of the 32 islands and cays of St. Vincent and the Grenadines..
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]


Wildlife photgrapher builds snack bar for the birds

A wildlife photographer has created a miniature snack bar just for the birds in her garden using doll's house accessories. Kate MacRae, a wildlife consultant who has appeared on Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Countryfile came up with the fun idea to feed the birds in winter. And this week's snow provided a seasonal backdrop to the birds who came to snack. Kate, 50, who blogs as WildlifeKate, has even fitted a camera at the back of the bar to live stream all the visitors who pop in.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Garden  ·  House  ·  Provided seasonal  ·  Accessories  ·  Photgrapher  ·  Created  ·  Feed winter
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