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La mujer en el espejo (versin original 1997) - cap. 102

Autor: Andrs Huertas, Magda Quintero Gnero: Drama, suspenso, romance Ao:1997 Elenco: Marcela Benjumea - Ana Soler / Mariana Ferrer Graldine Zivic - Mariana Ferrer / Ana Soler Gustavo ngel - Alejandro Santos Salvo Basile - Luis Fiero 'El Diablo' Julio del Mar - Gustavo Santos Martha Liliana Ruiz - Victoria Robayo de Santos Tania Flquez - Patricia Robayo Mauro Donetti - Salomn ngel Jorge Enrique Abello - Camilo Linares Consuelo Luzardo - Martha Soler Julio Correal - Alex Chicamocha Natalia Giraldo - Gladys de Chicamocha Manuela Gonzlez Gemiro Gmez - Bartolom Freddy Ordez - El Chulo Martha Luca Pereiro Maritza Rodrguez - Camila Adriana Romero - Clemencia Santos Geoffry Ruffell - Sebastin Santos Soler Mauro Urquijo - Alfred Nashar Luis Alfredo Velasco - Ignacio Sainz Mara Echeverry - Teresa Blanco Angeline Moncayo Vctor Rodrguez Director: Luis Orjuela, Rodolfo Hoyos Libretista, guin: Andrs Huertas, Magda Quintero Productor: Hugo Len Ferrer Empresa: RTI, Proyectamos Televisin La mujer en el espejo fue una serie de televisin colombiana realizada por R.T.I. y Proyectamos TV en 1997 y transmitida por el Canal A, con la historia original y los libretos de Andrs Huertas y Magda Quintero. Estuvo protagonizada por Graldine Zivic y Gustavo ngel, con la pticipacin antagnica de Martha Liliana Ruiz, y las actuaciones estelares de Marcela Benjumea y Salvo Basile.
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World top three news/ the pharrell williams/ holli adidas / nmd-hu trail

World Top Three News/ The Pharrell Williams/ Holli adidas / NMD-Hu TrailVisit My MY Me On =/US/=/DE/=/CA/=/FR/=/MX/=GB/=BR/=AU/=HK/=CH/=VE/=AE//de-DE//en-AU,en-CA//en-GB//es-MX/es-ES/es-VE/fr-FR//it-CH//en-US//ar-AE//pt-BR//ja-JP//es-ES//zh//T-Series//Samsung//Ryan/ToysReview//SET/India//Canal/KondZilla//zeetv//WWE//Ozuna//Ed/Sheeran//Bruno/Mars//Logan/Paul/Vlogs//Get/Movies//MalumaVEVO//ChuChu/TV/Nursery/Rhymes/&/Kids//LuisFonsiVEVO//Zee/Music/Company,//GR6/EXPLODE//El/Reino/Infantil//5-Minute/Crafts//WorkpointOfficial//JasonAldeanVEVO/AUTO//VEHICLES//COMEDY//EDUCATION//ENTERTAINMENT//FILM//GAMING//HOW/TO//STYLE//MUSIC//NEWS//POLITICS//NONPROFIT//ACTIVISM//PEOPLE//BLOGS//PETS//ANIMALS//SCIENCE//TECHNOLOGY//SHOWS//SPORTS//TRAVEL//EXERCISE//YOGA//FOOD//WOMEN//SEX//CAR//BIKE///HOME//DRESS//Agriculture//Farmers//Welfare//Petroleum//Natural//Gas//Power//Railways//Road//Transport//Highways//Shipping//Development/Entrepreneurship/Public/Environment/Forest/Climate/Change/Earth/EMPLOYMENT/FINANCE/CULTURE/Renewable/Energy/POWER/RELATED/VIDEO.
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Luzardo correal  ·  Martha  ·  Gladys manuela  ·  Magda  ·  Luis  ·  Gustavo  ·  Soler


Trilion - fuss inna dance ft mentor irie

Taken from their Trilions debut album Ain't no future with no past. At the borders of rub-a-dub dancehall and experimental electronica you'll find the music of Trilion. This ramshackle Raggamuffin Israeli collective mutated from a collaboration between acid rock band 3421, the Easy Rider emcees and Ranking Levy from My Lord sound system. Their debut album No Future With No Past, released by Glasgows Scotch Bonnet records is a seamless fusion of sparse dub-scapes, saw-toothed psychedelia and raw dancehall vibes. Trilion productions bubble through a myriad of unusual moods from blissful to threatening. By contrast the lyrics courtesy of Levy, General G, Yuta B, Mentor Irie, Guma Ranks and the exquisitely exuberant Miss Red are feisty and down to earth. Describing themselves as a musical Caesar salad Trilions music, like their line-up, is in a constant state of flux. Splicing the strut-and-thrust of a sound system party with disruptive digital dystopia, No Future With No Past is reminder that everything is connected - and music opens the mind...ReggaeRiddimBox : (Re)discover the best of the reggae / ragga music. ReggaeRiddimBox is your channel for all the best reggae music where you can experience Reggae / Ragga music, in high quality audio. Subscribe to stay connected to our channel and receive all of our video updates! - ReggaeRiddimBox :
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System  ·  Flux splicing  ·  Miss feisty  ·  Dancehall  ·  Mentor  ·  Cavs  ·  Connected


Paddington 2 - official film trailer (international)

In UK cinemas November 10th, tickets on sale now: . The much-anticipated sequel to the worldwide hit family film finds Paddington happily settled with the Brown family in Windsor Gardens, where he has become a popular member of the community, spreading joy and marmalade wherever he goes. While searching for the perfect present for his beloved Aunt Lucys hundredth birthday, Paddington spots a unique pop-up book in Mr. Grubers antique shop, and embarks upon a series of odd jobs to buy it. But when the book is stolen, its up to Paddington and the Browns to unmask the thief A Heyday Films and STUDIOCANAL production, Paddingtons return to the big screen is helmed by BAFTA nominated director Paul King (PADDINGTON, COME FLY WITH ME, THE MIGHTY BOOSH) written by Paul King and Simon Farnaby (PADDINGTON, YONDERLAND and the forthcoming MINDHORN). Paddington 2 is produced by multi award-winning David Heyman (producer of all eight of the HARRY POTTER films, GRAVITY, THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM).
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

The other war - full film

Learn More: Directed and produced by Tamr Glezerman > After three years of festivals and official screenings, it's time for some good old internet sharing. The Other War is a 43-minute-long Israeli fiction film that tells the tale of Tel-Aviv during the second Lebanon war (2006). It has gotten a lot of media attention for its straightforward take on the topics of Israeli and lesbian identity, and has traveled festivals worldwide, as well as been regularly screened at cinematheques and art house cinemas in Israel. More info on the trailer page and at and don't forget to check out the press section for reviews.
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La chargers caught buying fake followers

The LA Chargers only moved 120 miles up the 405 freeway this season, but their fans south of the city did not seem to travel up to attend the games. Each home game this year was mostly dominated by the opposing teams fans in the stands. On the bright side, at least the Chargers have close to a million twitter followers right?? Wrong. Turns out, someone did a Twitter audit report and found out that of the 800,000 people that follow the Chargers, more than half of these were fake.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Found people  ·  Freeway  ·  Buying  ·  Followers  ·  Bright close  ·  Dominated  ·  Teams stands


Eyeglasses holder

Glasses, holder, diy, jewelry, how to, sunglasses, easy, beading, design, eyeglass holders, making, simple, necklace, tutorial, beauty, jewelry making, eyeglass, woodworking, eyeglasses holder, eyeglasses, style, beads, bead, handicraft (industry), beading kits, free beading projects, beaded chain, jewelry making kits, beadaholique, alice eyeglass holder kit. eyeglass holder, beadaholique beading kits, exclusive beadaholique jewelry kits, bead (visual art medium), asmr, arts and crafts, how to bead, beaded, howto, eyeglass necklace, karen
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Industry  ·  Design  ·  Beadaholique alice  ·  Beading  ·  Kits  ·  Free projects  ·  Exclusive visual


What happens if earth gets 2c warmer?

Over the last 20 years, 2C has been referenced in climate policies and agreements made by the Council of the European Union, the G8 (now the G7), and more. So what makes two degrees so important?--Producer/Video by:Jason LedermanNarrator:Amy SchellenbaumMedia/ArchiveNASANOAAPond5U.S. Department of EnergyU.S. Department of DefenseU.S. Department of StatePrelinger Archive/archive.orgDepositPhotos.comGoogle EarthPixabayWikimedia CommonsSamuel BarstCC by 2.0 (CC BY-NC) MusicInterviewsDr. Dan Horton, Northwestern UniversityDr. Manoj Joshi, University of East AngliaSpecial ThanksYale UniversityStockholm Environment InstituteTom McNamaraAmy SchellenbaumRachel FeltmanSara ChodoshSamuel Barst--FOLLOW POPULAR : : : : :
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Jason  ·  Years  ·  Union  ·  Earthpixabaywikimedia commonssamuel  ·  Important  ·  Archive  ·  2c


Touched by nature baby 3pack organic cotton gown flower 06 months

Buy from Amazon.com : Touched by Nature Baby 3Pack Organic Cotton Gown Flower 06 MonthsProduct Description : Soft breathable organic cottonElastic bottom for easy diaper changesTakes place of blanketStretchable neck opening for easy on and offPerfect for cool nights
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Worst sports injuries in history

7: Evander HolyfieldWhen it comes to box office draws, few heavyweight boxers have ever had Mike Tysons power. As the youngest heavyweight world champion in history, he was renowned for his ability to dominate his opponents and to end fights quickly, usually by way of knockout. In his prime Tyson was a force to be reckoned with. Despite having many spectacular moments in the ring, he would also be remembered for one of the sports most notorious displays of unsportsmanlike conduct. In 1997 he fought Evander Holyfield for the world title, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. In the third round while the two fighters were in a clinch, Tyson took a bite out of Holyfields right ear6: Andrew Bogut While he was playing for the Milwaukee Bucks, Andrew Bogut sustained a massive injury that would bench him for the rest of the season. In a match against the Phoenix Suns, the Bucks were on the fast break with Bogut at the front. He was closely marked by Amare Stoudemire from the Suns. Following a long pass from one of his teammates, Bogut was making his way towards the basket with Stoudemire in pursuit. When the Milwaukee5: Andranik KarapetyanThe Armenian weightlifter was one of the favorites in his 77-kilogram (or 170 -pound) division for winning the gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. He had previously won the European Weightlifting Championship and had received a bronze medal at the 2016 World Championship. However, during his attempt to lift 195 kilograms (or 430 pounds) in the clean and jerk competition, Karapetyan hyperextended his left arm which caused his elbow to pop out of its socket. His trainers and the spectators who had witnessed the injury were horrified4: David BusstOn April 8, 1996, David Busst suffered one of the worst injuries in soccer history in a match between his team Coventry City and Manchester United. Two minutes into the match, Coventry was awarded a corner. Even though Busst was a defender, he moved forward. After the corner was executed the ball was deflected by Uniteds goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel. The ball was in the air and Busst was heading towards it when he collided with two Manchester United players, Denis Irwin and Brian McClair. They came at Busst from different directions and crashed into him. The impact caused a compound fracture to the tibia and fibula of Bussts right leg. He described the event I knew something serious had3: Joe TheismannThis is one of the most famous injuries to ever happen in pro sports. Players and fans look back at the Theismann injury as a key moment in the history of the National Football League (or NFL). It took place during a 1985 Monday night game between Theismanns team, the Washington Redskins, and the New York Giants. The play was a flea-flicker. Theismann handed the ball to teammate John Riggins. After taking a few steps in the Giants defense, Riggins flipped the ball back to Theismann. As the 36-year-old quarterback searched for options downfield, Giants linebacke
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]


'aquaman' trailer rumored to debut in march

Aquaman is the only DCEU film on the calendar for 2018.A new report says a trailer for the film will debut at this year's Wonder Con.The Warner Bros. panel takes place March 23 through March 25.Early test screenings for Aquaman are coming back positive.Jason Momoa plays the superhero.Right now, Im [filming] all the end stuff and its pretty insane. [...] There are so many cool worlds were going to, and my character definitely goes on a big adventure and you travel the world with him.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Superhero im  ·  Kaetlyn Osmond  ·  Bros  ·  Travel  ·  Calendar  ·  Rumored  ·  Debut


World top three news/ the pharrell williams/ holli adidas / nmd-hu trail

World Top Three News/ The Pharrell Williams/ Holli adidas / NMD-Hu TrailVisit My MY Me On =/US/=/DE/=/CA/=/FR/=/MX/=GB/=BR/=AU/=HK/=CH/=VE/=AE//de-DE//en-AU,en-CA//en-GB//es-MX/es-ES/es-VE/fr-FR//it-CH//en-US//ar-AE//pt-BR//ja-JP//es-ES//zh//T-Series//Samsung//Ryan/ToysReview//SET/India//Canal/KondZilla//zeetv//WWE//Ozuna//Ed/Sheeran//Bruno/Mars//Logan/Paul/Vlogs//Get/Movies//MalumaVEVO//ChuChu/TV/Nursery/Rhymes/&/Kids//LuisFonsiVEVO//Zee/Music/Company,//GR6/EXPLODE//El/Reino/Infantil//5-Minute/Crafts//WorkpointOfficial//JasonAldeanVEVO/AUTO//VEHICLES//COMEDY//EDUCATION//ENTERTAINMENT//FILM//GAMING//HOW/TO//STYLE//MUSIC//NEWS//POLITICS//NONPROFIT//ACTIVISM//PEOPLE//BLOGS//PETS//ANIMALS//SCIENCE//TECHNOLOGY//SHOWS//SPORTS//TRAVEL//EXERCISE//YOGA//FOOD//WOMEN//SEX//CAR//BIKE///HOME//DRESS//Agriculture//Farmers//Welfare//Petroleum//Natural//Gas//Power//Railways//Road//Transport//Highways//Shipping//Development/Entrepreneurship/Public/Environment/Forest/Climate/Change/Earth/EMPLOYMENT/FINANCE/CULTURE/Renewable/Energy/POWER/RELATED/VIDEO.
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Installing first rv windows in our skoolie after the roof raise

It has finally come time to put some of the fabbing skills I learned during my time in Colorado to the test. I framed, cut and installed the first RV window in the build myself. It was a great feeling and sorry the full install was not recorded. My phone died as I was taking my time with the install. Interested In Crypto? Need Something On Amazon? Shop With This Link - Subscribe For More Travel Videos! Like Our Facebook Page! Check Out Our Facebook Group! Add Us On Twitter! Add Us On Instragram! Check Out Our New Website! Music from Epidemic Sound:
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