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Spin said that the album "sees (Willy DeVille) continue his successful partnership with producer John Philip Shenale. The new album finds him once again creating his unique mixture of rock, soul, R&B, blues and Cajun with articulate lyrics and Willy's distinctive vocal style."

Independent Music said about the album:
(Willy DeVille) ... has never been more artistically potent than on Pistola, confronting the demons of his past with an impressive lyrical honesty and unexpectedly diverse musical imagination. DeVille’s beloved "—all this, and a great version of Paul Siebel's classic "Louise" too. Who would have thought it?

Leap in the Dark praised the album's bold originality: "Pistola is not the type of album you'd expect from as established a performer as Willy DeVille. Most people at his stage in their careers wouldn't be taking the risk of including pieces as unconventional as 'Mountains of Manhattan' and 'Stars that Speak,' but Willy has always marched to the beat of his own drummer. It's that willingness to take risks that keeps his music fresh and alive, and the ten songs on Pistola are no exception."

Andrew Carver said, "DeVille ... is one of those rare artists who seem to have dragged their prime years across the decades, and Pistola is another triumph of experience."…
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