Road interview

John Lennon Abbey Road Interview Sept. 1969

John Lennon discusses The Beatles' newly released 'Abbey Road' LP track-by-track with Australian DJ Tony McArthur for Radio Luxembourg in September 1969. Par...

John Lennon Abbey Road Interview Sept 1969
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Elton John - "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" Remastered & Revisited [Extended Interview]

Elton John, Bernie Taupin, and other collaborators discuss Goodbye Yellow Brick Road's 40th Anniversary, and look back at the creation of this game-changing ...

Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Remastered Revisited Extended Interview
Rating: 4.89/5 [Total raters: 257]

FULL INTERVIEW Jason Momoa ("Road to Paloma") #InTheLab with @Arthurkade

Jason Momoa sits down to talk with #InTheLab host Arthur Kade about directing, writing, producing and starring in "Road to Paloma" where he plays the Native ...

FULL INTERVIEW Jason Momoa Road to Paloma InTheLab with Arthurkade
Rating: 5.00/5 [Total raters: 25]

Jason Momoa: Road to Paloma Interview

Blu-ray Jason Momoa talks about his new film Road to Paloma.

Jason Momoa Road to Paloma Interview
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On the Road - Interview with Sam Riley

HitFix interviews Sam Riley in for his latest role in On The Road.

On the Road - Interview with Sam Riley
Rating: 5.00/5 [Total raters: 34]

Interview: Jason Momoa - The Red Road

Interview with Jason Momoa about Sundance Channel's The Red Road.

Interview Jason Momoa - The Red Road
Rating: 4.76/5 [Total raters: 51]

Road Warriors interview (Uncensored 1996)

From the pre-show with Lee ''Voice of Tony the Tiger'' Marshall. This interview is easily better than the Chicago Street Fight match they had on the actual PPV.

Road Warriors interview Uncensored 1996
Rating: 4.95/5 [Total raters: 146]

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund extended interview On The Road TIFF

Etalk extended interview with Kristen and Garrett about On the Road.

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund extended interview On The Road TIFF
Rating: 4.69/5 [Total raters: 180]

Khan Saab - Road Vej Di Laari | Garry Sandhu Interview 2014

In this video khan saab singing different voices of different singers like Kuldeep Manak , Mohammad Sadiq , Lal Chand Yamla Jatt - Rod Vej Di Laari.

Khan Saab - Road Vej Di Laari Garry Sandhu Interview 2014
Rating: 4.96/5 [Total raters: 282]

Viggo Mortensen Interview for THE ROAD

Emmy nominated Jake Hamilton talks with Viggo Mortensen about his new film, THE ROAD -- only on JAKE'S TAKES!

Viggo Mortensen Interview for THE ROAD
Rating: 4.95/5 [Total raters: 176]
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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) defines a road as "a line of communication (travelled way) using a stabilized base other than rails or air strips open to public traffic, primarily for the use of road motor vehicles running on their own wheels," which includes "bridges, tunnels, supporting structures, junctions, crossings, interchanges, and toll roads, but not cycle paths."

In roads may diverge through a city or village and be named as , serving a dual function as urban space easement and route. Modern roads are normally smoothed, paved, or otherwise prepared to allow easy travel. Historically many roads were simply recognizable routes without any formal construction or maintenance.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom there is some ambiguity between the terms highway and road. The Highway code details rules for "road users". For the purposes of the English law, Highways Act 1980, which covers England and Wales but not Scotland or Northern Ireland, the term road is defined to be "any length of highway or of any other road to which the public has access, and includes bridges over which a road passes." This includes , and cycle tracks, and also road and driveways on private land and many car parks. Vehicle Excise Duty, a road use tax, is payable on some vehicles used on the public road. Another legal view is that while a highway historically included , , driftways, etc., it can now be used to mean those ways that allow the movement…
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Road Interview

'gta gang' kills drivers near moscow, vigilantes on war-path after criminals

Dubbed the 'Grand Theft Auto Gang' after the violent computer game, a group of criminals has allegedly murdered up to 14 drivers on roads near the Russian capital, particularly on the M4 Don highway connecting Moscow with the southern regions of the ...


Official: suspect identified in police ambush

Pennsylvania State Police have identified a suspect in the killing of a trooper and the critical wounding of another outside a rural barracks, a law enforcement official said Tuesday. An arrest warrant will be issued and state police were looking for ...


For james foley's family, us policy offered no hope

This greatly frustrated the family of Mr. Foley, 40, a freelance journalist, and the other American hostages, who were desperate for Washington to take stronger action, according to interviews with two dozen people, including members of Mr. Foley's ...


Kashmiris cope with flooding, and resentment of india

The few open roads in Srinagar are choked by people making long, grim marches from one side of the city to another, knee-deep in water. They carry jute sacks on their backs, gourds and apples in their arms. Some have taken the hourslong journey merely ...


How to make sure recruiters will call you when your dream job opens up

I don't mean say “yes” to going on an interview for a job you're definitely not interested in. I mean say ... When I recruited candidates who were not interested, I would always ask them what kind of position they would be interested in down the road ...


On the road, seeking authors: pacifica native and his wife run author's road ...

While some might see retirement as a time to sit back and relax, Salli Slaughter and George Mason saw it as an opportunity to hit the road and pay homage to impactful authors through an interview series. Mason, 67, and Slaughter, 66, started Author's ...


Keselowski focused for rest of chase

Oreovicz: Harvick got a little snappy in a postrace pit road interview when he was asked if days like the one he had at Chicagoland would be good enough in the Chase. He claimed to be pleased to start out with a top-5, but he can't be happy that his ...


Celebrity buzz: rihanna out after ripping cbs for not airing her song amid ray ...

“It's making it possible to be out on the road and keep writing, keep creating and doing my own music,” Mr. Adcock, 76, said recently in a phone interview from his home in Lebanon, Tenn., near Nashville. “Receiving this prize renews my purpose and ...


China pushes 'maritime silk road' in south, southeast asia

In an interview with Xinhua, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa expressed his country's eagerness to join in the process of building the MSR. Actually, Sri Lanka is already part of the initiative. The island received $1.4 billion from China to ...


Interview: generationals

The "why don't you move to Brooklyn?" question comes up often. Generationals — Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer — was among one of the first buzz bands to break out of New Orleans following the 2005 levee failures. Its songs are now on TV soundtracks, ...


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