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[read] the art of digital branding best sellers rank : #1

the definitive guide to building a Web presence that will increase revenue, improve customer relations, and enhance brand loyalty. Author Ian Cocoran, a digital brand expert, explains traditional branding and how the same principles can be applied to Web sites, no matter what the industry. Chapters cover the entire range of site content: color schemes and menu formats and the pivotal roles they play; incorporating essentials such as company history, careers, site maps, search engines, and FAQs; choosing one global portal versus country-specific content; encouraging and retaining traffic flow; adding depth to the Web experience with audio, video, and animation; maximizing site functionality for online shopping or software updates; and much more. Step into the digital age with expert help from The Art of Digital Branding.Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don't aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers.
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Jewel mystery | casual game | android gameplay | hd video

Jewel Mystery, explore diamond and treasures in the dream garden.Matching jewels, discover the diamond, access the lost manor. There are mysterious legends that can be solved by moving forward. First, complete missions, open new maps and puzzle after puzzle by combining gems. Second, the combination of the special gems can inspire the magical power of the gem, and let it help you solve difficult puzzles, obtain the ultimate treasure, become jewelry legend.How to playMatch 3 colorful jewel and diamond, incredible elimination effect.Go through levels, enter new maps, and combine various special gems.Combining special jewelry can have marvelous effects.Mysterious puzzles require a lot of wisdom to solve.The proper use of props can bring unexpected benefits.Use the minimum number of steps to pass, get higher score and stars.As long as keeping move forward, you will get rich rewards, props, coins and so on.Make jewelry brooches and balls, collect diamonds from jewelry boxes.Luxuriant manor and various gem let you immerse in.Game Features 2, 000+ well-designed levels that will continue to be updated. Exquisite jewelry and interesting shapes are very attractive. Fantastic level design, shining diamonds, enjoy the game fun. Beautiful UI design, all of the older and children will love it. You can get the ultimate experience in this world of jewel and diamonds. All kinds of jewels and diamonds satisfy everyone's taste. Abundant rewards can be collected every day. There will be an auto prompt when you look for jewelry but can't find a match.Jewel Mystery, This brilliant adventure puzzle game can satisfy your curiosity and fantasy about diamond. Embark on your wonderful and exciting match 3 jewel puzzle solving journey.Google Play Store : ...
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The evolutionary psychology behind politics: how conservatism and liberalism evolved within

Click Here : do people adopt different political ideologies? How can seemingly equal intellects, presented with the same facts and circumstances disagree so vehemently over how society should be structured? What psychological undercurrents guide people to adopt Conservative or Liberal political beliefs, and where did they come from? The answer lies in a well known concept in biology, termed r/K Selection Theory. r/K Theory examines how all populations tend to adopt one of two psychologies as a means of adapting their behavior to the presence or absence of environmental resources. The two strategies, termed r and K, each correlate perfectly with the psychologies underlying Liberalism and Conservatism.One strategy, named the r-strategy, imbues those who are programmed with it to be averse to all peer on peer competition, embrace promiscuity, embrace single parenting, and support early onset sexual activity in youth. Obviously, this mirrors the Liberal philosophy's aversion to individual Darwinian competitions such as capitalism and self defense with firearms, as well as group competitions such as war. Likewise, Liberalism is tolerant of promiscuity, tolerant of single parenting, and more prone to support early sex education for children and the sexualization of cultural influences. Designed to exploit a plethora of resources, one will often find this r-type strategy embodied within prey species, where predation has lowered the population's numbers, and thereby increased the resources available to it's individuals.The other strategy, termed the K-strategy, imbues those who pursue it with a fierce competitiveness, as well as tendencies towards abstinence until monogamy, two-parent parenting, and delaying sexual activity until later in life. Obviously, this mirrors Conservatism's acceptance of all sorts of competitive social schemes, from free market capitalism, to war, to individuals owning and carrying private weapons for self defense. Conservatives also tend to favor abstinence until monogamy, two parent parenting with an emphasis upon "family values," and children being shielded from any sexualized stimuli until later in life. This strategy is found most commonly in species which lack predation, and whose population's have grown to the point individuals must compete with each other for the limited environmental resources that they are rapidly running out of.Meticulously substantiated with the latest research in fields from neurobiology to human behavioral ecology, this work offers an unprecedented view into not just what governs our political battles, but why these battles have arisen within our species in the first place. From showing how these two strategies adapt in other more complex species in nature, to examining what genetic and neurostructural mechanisms may produce these divergences between individuals, to showing what this theory indicates our future may hold, this work is the most thorough analysis to date of just why we have two political ideologies, why they will never agree, and why we will tend to become even more partisan in the future.
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Control gameplay walkthrough part 6

Control gameplay walkthrough part 6#Control is an action-adventure video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games. The game revolves around the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secret U.S. government agency tasked with containing and studying phenomena which violate the laws of reality. As Jesse Faden, the Bureau's new Director, players explore the Oldest House the FBC's paranormal New York headquarters and utilize powerful abilities in order to defeat a deadly enemy known only as the Hiss, which has invaded and corrupted reality. Control was released on 27 August 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.Control is set within the Oldest House, a featureless Brutalist skyscraper in New York City, which is referred to in-game as a "Place of Power." The Oldest House's interior is far larger than its exterior, an enormous, constantly shifting supernatural realm that defies the laws of spacetime. Control is built in the Metroidvania format, with a large world map that can be explored at a nonlinear pace, unlike Remedy's previous titles, which were primarily linear. As the player unlocks new abilities and clearance throughout the game, new areas of the Oldest House can be explored, opening various side-quests. Certain areas known as Control Points can be used to fast travel throughout the building after they have been cleared of enemies. A new A.I. system known as the Encounter Director controls interactions with enemies based on the player's level and location in the Oldest House. Enemies in Control are predominantly human agents of the FBC possessed by the Hiss, an otherworldly force. They range from standard humans carrying firearms to heavily mutated variations which possess a variety of superpowers. Some of Jesse's abilities allow her to seize control of enemies' minds temporarily, turning them into her allies, and allowing their abilities to be used for the player's benefit.
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About for books ed emberley's drawing book: make a world review

simple shapes, Ed Emberley shows would-be artists how to draw over 400 things, such as an airplane, anteater, submarine, train, kangaroo, gondola, and much much more! This classic book is packed with cool things that kids-and not a few adults-really want to draw. Easy and fun, the book provides hours of art-full entertainment.
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Bottlenecks: aligning ux design with user psychology review

Click Here : the psychological constrictions of attention, perception, memory, disposition, motivation, and social influence that determine whether customers will be receptive to your digital innovations.Bottlenecks: Aligning UX Design with User Psychology fills a need for entrepreneurs, designers, and marketing professionals in the application of foundational psychology to user-experience design. The first generation of books on the topic focused on web pages and cognitive psychology. This book covers apps, social media, in-car infotainment, and multiplayer video games, and it explores the crucial roles played by behaviorism, development, personality, and social psychology. Author David Evans is an experimental psychology Ph.D. and senior manager of consumer research at Microsoft who recounts high-stakes case studies in which behavioral theory aligned digital designs with the bottlenecks in human nature to the benefit of users and businesses alike.Innovators in design and students of psychology will learn:The psychological processes determining users' perception of, engagement with, and recommendation of digital innovationsExamples of interfaces before and after simple psychological alignments that vastly enhanced their effectivenessStrategies for marketing and product development in an age of social media and behavioral targetingHypotheses for research that both academics and enterprises can perform to better meet users' needsWho This Book Is ForDesigners and entrepreneurs will use this book to give their innovations an edge on what are increasingly competitive platforms such as apps, bots, in-car apps, augmented reality content. Usability researchers and market researchers will leverage it to enhance their consulting and reporting. Students and lecturers in psychology departments will want it to help land employment in the private sector.
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Full e-book experimental photography: a handbook of techniques for kindle

Photography is the first manual ever to break down into a step-by-step format the experimental techniques that photographers use to subvert or expand conventional camera technology, heralding a new era in photography.The book features technical sections that define a particular process and show how to carry it out, accompanied by examples of the finished images. These are interspersed with illustrated interviews with photographers who use these techniques, examining what their work aims to do and how it is made.Some techniques, such as photograms or lumenprints, are cameraless; others involve building simple cameras from unexpected materials or exploiting the limitations of toy and disposable cameras for artistic effect. Camera hacking?breaking rules in exposure, zooming, panning, focus, and composition; modifying the camera to produce slit-scans; or adding filters?can produce a variety of exciting results.Film can also be manipulated or distressed, and many experiments can be conducted during the preparation of negatives and prints. Even once the print has been produced, creativity continues: mordan?age, for example, provides a controlled degrading of the print, and bleaching and encaustic can be used to create new effects.For practicing photographers as well as anyone interested in artistic photographic techniques, this is an unprecedented sourcebook of practical inspiration that celebrates the work of the exceptional artists, ?hackers,? and artisans who are pushing the boundaries of how we conceive of photography.
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New york short film-san francisco short film-seattle short film-denver short film-australia short film-boston short film-washington short film-los angeles short film-chicago short film-canada short film-atlanta short film-houston short film

New York short film, San Francisco short film, Seattle short film, Denver short film, Dubai short film, Boston short film, Washington short film, Los Angeles short film, Chicago short film, Abu Dhabi short film, Atlanta short film, Houston short film, sweden short film, Minneapolis short film, Philadelphia short film, germany short film, Dallas short film, Nashville short film, Phoenix short film, australia short film, norway short film, denmark short film,
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New york short film-san francisco short film-seattle short film-denver short film-australia short film-boston short film-washington short film-los angeles short film-chicago short film-canada short film-atlanta short film-houston short film

New York short film, San Francisco short film, Seattle short film, Denver short film, Dubai short film, Boston short film, Washington short film, Los Angeles short film, Chicago short film, Abu Dhabi short film, Atlanta short film, Houston short film, sweden short film, Minneapolis short film, Philadelphia short film, germany short film, Dallas short film, Nashville short film, Phoenix short film, australia short film, norway short film, denmark short film,
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[read] the pisces for kindle

original, imaginative, and hilarious debut novel about love, anxiety, and sea creatures, from the author of So Sad TodayLucy has been writing her dissertation about Sappho for thirteen years when she and Jamie break up. After she hits rock bottom in Phoenix, her Los Angeles-based sister insists Lucy housesit for the summer?her only tasks caring for a beloved diabetic dog and trying to learn to care for herself. Annika?s home is a gorgeous glass cube atop Venice Beach, but Lucy can find no peace from her misery and anxiety?not in her love addiction group therapy meetings, not in frequent Tinder meetups, not in Dominic the foxhound?s easy affection, not in ruminating on the ancient Greeks. Yet everything changes when Lucy becomes entranced by an eerily attractive swimmer one night while sitting alone on the beach rocks.Whip-smart, neurotically funny, sexy, and above all, fearless, The Pisces is built on a premise both sirenic and incredibly real?what happens when you think love will save you but are afraid it might also kill you.
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About for books the micro kids: an 80s adventure with zx spectrum, commodore 64 and more for free

It is November 1983 and young Billy Twist and his whiz kid friends are about to discover the exciting new world of microcomputers and gaming. Full colour hardback edition. Billy and his friends start on their journey but run into some obstacles as they try to setup a computer video gaming club. Billy is a typical kid growing up in the 80s, the age of microcomputers and video games. An age of wonder for teens and even adults alike. A nostalgic story of ZX Spectrums, Commodore 64s, Amstrads and Ataris. If I didn't grow up in the 80s I would be jealous of everyone that did - because the 80s rocked!
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

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Taiwanese castella cake recipe -

Ingredients 18cm square cake pan100g cake flour or all purpose flour100g unsalted butter100g milk6 egg yolksVanilla extract6 egg whites100g sugarBaking in a hot water bath 150(302F) 60min. 15 cmsquareor 18 cmRoundcake pan65g cake flour or all purpose flour65g unsalted butter65g milk4 egg yolksVanilla extract4 egg whites65g sugarBaked in hot water bath 150 C 50 to 55 min.18 cm *7.5cm*H8cm pound cake pan35g cake flour or all purpose flour35g unsalted butter35g milk2 egg yolksVanilla extract2 egg whites35g sugarBaking in a hot water bath 150(302F) 30-35min. 20cm square cake pan115g cake flour or all purpose flour115g unsalted butter115g milk7 egg yolksVanilla extract7 egg whites115g sugarBaking in a hot water bath 150(302F) 65-70min.
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Dissociative identity disorder: diagnosis, clinical features, and treatment of multiple

Click Here : the publication of Colin A. Ross's influential work MultiplePersonality Disorder in 1989, this challenging field has evolvedrapidly--with new thinking, new research, and a new name: dissociative identity disorder (DID). Keeping pace with thesedevelopments, this retitled Second Edition has been skillfullyrevised and expanded to offer a comprehensive, detailed, and fullyup-to-date grounding in the history, diagnosis, and treatment ofDID.Readers will find three new chapters covering epidemiology, a soundcritique of skeptics of DID, and the problem of attachment to theperpetrator and the locus of control shift. There is also a freshlook at the pathways leading to DID, a discussion of the falsememory controversy, and more, with material throughout based on thelatest research and the author's extensive clinical and forensicexperience.By providing an in-depth examination of this complex illness, Dissociative Identity Disorder not only facilitates a deeperunderstanding of people who have used dissociation to cope withyears of childhood physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, but alsoreveals new insights into many other psychiatric disorders in whichdissociation plays a role. Like Multiple Personality Disorder, thisupdated volume is an authoritative and indispensable reference forpsychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses, socialworkers and other mental health professionals, as well asresearchers in these fields."Ross provides a comprehensive and interesting account of thehistory of MPD, dispelling many myths. He presents new insight intothe treatment of MPD, with information about such concerns as howto talk to a patient, how to schedule your time, and how to keepyour private and [professional] lives separate. . . . MultiplePersonality Disorder will be an invaluable addition to thereference libraries of sexual abuse clinics, child abuse agencies, and correctional facilities, as well as clinicians." --FamilyViolence Bulletin
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Top 5 minecraft life (minecraft animation) wolf life - silverfish life - squid life - fish life

Top 5 Minecraft Hayat (Minecraft Animasyon) Kurt Hayat - Hamam Bcei Yaam Kalamar Hayat - Balk Yaamminecraft,kz vs erkek,minecraft animation,minecraft yaam,canavar okul,top 5 minecraft yaam,Animasyon,Steve Hayat,Hayat Creeper,Zombi Hayat,Domuz Hayat,Craftonix,Kyl Hayat,Kurt Hayat,nek Hayat,Ocelot Hayat,5 hayat,komik,top 10,top,en iyi,en haval,craftonix hayat,minecraft animasyonlar,animasyonlar,minecraft yaam animasyonlar,top minecraft hayat minecraft,, ,rusplaying,craftedthings,craftedthings animasyon Top 5 Minecraft Life (Minecraft Animation) Wolf Life - Silverfish Life - Squid Life - Fish Lifeminecraft,girl vs boy,minecraft animation,minecraft life,monster school,top 5 minecraft life,Animation,Steve Life,Creeper Life,Zombie Life,Pig Life,Craftonix,Villager Life,Wolf Life,Cow Life,Ocelot Life,life,funny,top 10,top 5,best,coolest,craftonix life,minecraft animations,animations,minecraft life animations,top minecraft life,life minecraft,, ,rusplaying,craftedthings,craftedthings animation Top 5 Minecraft Leben (Minecraft Animation) Wolf Leben - Silberfischchen Leben - Squid-Leben - Leben Von Fischenminecraft,girl vs boy,minecraft animation,minecraft Leben,monster, school,top 5 minecraft Leben,Animation,Steve Leben,Creeper, Leben,Zombie Leben,Schwein Leben,Craftonix,Dorfbewohner Leben,Wolf-Leben,Kuh-Leben,Ozelot Leben,Leben,lustig,top 10,top 5,besten,coolsten,craftonix Leben,minecraft-Animationen,Animationen,minecraft Leben-Animationen,top-minecraft Leben minecraft Leben,, ,rusplaying,craftedthings,craftedthings animation
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Psychology of music: from sound to significance best sellers rank : #2

Click Here : Psychology of Music: From Sound to Significance (2nd edition), the authors consider music on a broad scale, from its beginning as an acoustical signal to its different manifestations across cultures. In their second edition, the authors apply the same richness of depth and scope that was a hallmark of the first edition of this text. In addition, having laid out the topography of the field in the original book, the second edition puts greater emphasis on linking academic learning to real-world contexts, and on including compelling topics that appeal to students' natural curiosity. Chapters have been updated with approximately 500 new citations to reflect advances in the field.The organization of the book remains the same as the first edition, while chapters have been updated and often expanded with new topics. 'Part I: Foundations' explores the acoustics of sound, the auditory system, and responses to music in the brain. 'Part II: The Perception and Cognition of Music' focuses on how we process pitch, melody, meter, rhythm, and musical structure. 'Part III: Development, Learning, and Performance' describes how musical capacities and skills unfold, beginning before birth and extending to the advanced and expert musician. And finally, 'Part IV: The Meaning and Significance of Music' explores social, emotional, philosophical and cultural dimensions of music and meaning.This book will be invaluable to undergraduates and postgraduate students in psychology and music, and will appeal to anyone who is interested in the vital and expanding field of psychology of music.
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Healing at the speed of sound: how what we hear transforms our brains and our lives review

Click Here : the music you love to become more efficient, relaxed, healthy, and happy.At this very moment, you are surrounded by sound. Pause for a minute and try to listen to it all: the chatter of a passing conversation, the gentle whoosh of air vents, noise from a nearby street. We rarely pay attention to all that we hear, but every noise in our environment has the ability to affect our mood, our productivity, even our health?for better and for worse. Drawing on a decade?s worth of groundbreaking brain science and research, bestselling author Don Campbell and sound expert Alex Doman?s Healing at the Speed of Sound? provides practical advice, exercises, and over 100 interactive links that help you create the perfect soundtrack for every task and enjoy a full, rich, and truly harmonious life.
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News updates | breaking news | oath taking ceremony of administrative committee tdf 2020 | news today | news headlines | top news 2020 | sultan bahoo tv | tehreek dawat e faqr

Sultan Bahoo TV presented breaking news today "Oath Taking Ceremony of Administrative Committee TDF 2020". these breaking news today or news headlines are presented and broadcasted by Sultan Bahoo TV in association with Sultan ul Faqr Digital Productions. News Caster: Dr. Hasnain Mehboob Sarwari Qadri Studio: Sultan-ul-Faqr Digital Productions (Regd.) Presented By: Tehreek Dawat e Faqr (Regd.) Pakistan #SultanBahooNews #SultanBahoo #SultanBahooTV Studio: Sultan-ul-Faqr Digital Productions (Regd.) Presented By: Tehreek Dawat e Faqr (Regd.) Pakistan #news #sultanulashiqeennews #tehreekdawatefaqrnews #sultanulfaqrnews Subscribe to Sultan Bahoo TV YouTube Channel: Web: Like and Follow Us On Facebook: Follow Us On Dailymotion: Follow Us On Instagram: Follow Us On Twitter: Tunepk: --------------------------------------------------------- Address: Tehreek Dawat e Faqr,4-5/A Extension Education Town Wahdat Road Lahore,Pakistan Postal Code 54790 Phone: 0092 42 35436600 Mobile: 0092 3224722766 Mobile: 0092 3214507000 (Available on Whatsapp, Viber and IMO) ----------------------- Our Video Website: ----------------------- Our Text Websites ----------------------- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Day 5 Lahore International Book Fair Expo Center 2019" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Full version glass jaw: a manifesto for defending fragile reputations in an age of instant

Click Here : an age when scandal can destroy a company's brand or anyone's reputation in an instant-GLASS JAW is an Art of War guide to modern crisis management. In boxing terms, a tough-looking fighter who can't take a punch is said to have a "glass jaw," and so it is these days with targets of controversy. Down the rabbit hole of scandal, the weak are strong and the strong are weak. Just consider this slate of recent reputational body blows: Toyota, Susan G. Komen, Paula Deen, Tiger Woods, Joe Paterno, BP, the Duke Lacrosse players, Lance Armstrong, and Anthony Weiner. GLASS JAW is a manifesto for these times, written by crisis management veteran Eric Dezenhall, who has spent three decades dealing with some of the most intense controversies, both known and . . . handled with discretion. In the current digital age, the fundamental nature of controversy is viral, rendering once-mighty organizations and individuals powerless against scandal. In GLASS JAW, Dezenhall analyzes scandal and demystifies the paper tiger "spin" industry, offering lessons, corrective measures, and counterintuitive insights, such as:How there really is no "getting ahead" of a bad story (and other clich?s from the media)The perils of navigating the "Fiasco Vortex"The art (and transaction) of the public apologyWhy a crisis is not an opportunityThe Nixon Fallacy: if only he had just said "I screwed up," the whole thing would have gone away (not a chance)How you are the enemy: the self-sabotage of selfies, tweets, emailing before thinking, technology creep, the privacy vacuum, and the industrialization of leaking. From the boardroom to the parenting messaging board, scandals erupt every day. GLASS JAW explains this changing nature of controversy and offers readers counterpunches to best protect themselves.
[Source: www.dailymotion.com]

Vital signs: the nature and nurture of passion complete

Click Here : Rediscover?or discover for the first time?the things that make you passionate in lifeVital Signs is about what inspires passion and what defeats it. How we lose it and how we get it back. And ultimately it?s about the endless yet endlessly fruitful tug-of-war between freedom and domestication, the wild in us and the tame, our natural selves and our conditioned selves. Each chapter in Vital Signs will contain a core sample, an intimate biography of one of the strategies we employ to gain or regain our passion. The book also affirms the importance of courageous inquiry into dispassion?where we?re numb, depressed, stuck, bored?so the reader can recognize and change these tendencies in themselves.
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sports toto soju77.com sports toto soju77.com sports toto soju77.com sports toto soju77.com sports toto soju77.com sports toto soju77.com sports toto soju77.com sports

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How to make logo like deb tech| deb tech jaisa logo kaise banae | in android | idaily tech

How to make logo like Deb tech| Deb tech Jaisa Logo kaise banae | in Android | IDaily TechHow to make deb tech ji jaisa intro _like dab tech ji | in PicsartHow to make logo like Deb Tech free | in picsartRelated Tags :-How to make logo like Deb tech, How to make logo like Deb tech on phone, How to make logo like Deb tech on Android phone, How to make logo like Deb tech on mobile, How to make logo like Deb tech channel, How to make logo for YouTube channel, How to make professional logo for YouTube channel, How to make logo for YouTube channel on Android phone, Make logo like Deb tech, Deb tech YouTube channel,#howtomakelogolikedebtech#howtomakelogolikedebtechonphone#howtomakelogolikedebtechinandroid#howtomakedebtechlogo#makedebtechlogo#howtomakelogoforyoutubechannel#howtomakeprofessionallogoforyoutubechannel#howtomakelogo#Debtech#IDailytechThanks for watching.
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[read] lonely planet pocket milan review

Planet: The worlds number one travel guide publisher*Lonely Planets Pocket Milan is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Admire the ageless marble facade of the Duomo, explore Milans stunning collection of 20th-century art and catch an evening performance at Teatro alla Scala all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Milan and begin your journey now!Inside Lonely Planet Pockets Milan:Full-colour maps and images throughoutHighlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interestsInsider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spotsEssential info at your fingertips - hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, pricesHonest reviews for all budgets - eating, sleeping, sightseeing, going out, shopping, hidden gems that most guidebooks missFree, convenient pull-out map (included in print version), plus over 19 colour neighbourhood mapsUser-friendly layout with helpful icons, and organised by neighbourhood to help you pick the best spots to spend your timeCovers Parco Sempione, Porta Garibaldi, Brera, Duomo, San Babila, Navigli, Porta Romana, Corso Magenta, SantAmbrogio, Quadrilatero dOro, Giardini Pubblici, and moreThe Perfect Choice: Lonely Planets Pocket Milan is our colourful, easy to use, handy guide that literally fits in your pocket, providing on-the-go assistance for those seeking the best sights and experiences on a short visit or weekend break.Looking for more extensive coverage? Check out Lonely Planets Italy guide for a comprehensive look at all the country has to offer.About Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet is a leading travel media company and the worlds number one travel guidebook brand, providing both inspiring and trustworthy information for every kind of traveller since 1973. Over the past four decades, weve printed over 145 million guidebooks and grown a dedicated, passionate global community of travellers. Youll also find our content online, and in mobile apps, video, 14 languages, nine international magazines, armchair and lifestyle books, ebooks, and more.Lonely Planet guides are, quite simply, like no other. New York TimesLonely Planet. It's on everyone's bookshelves; it's in every traveller's hands. It's on mobile phones. It's on the Internet. It's everywhere, and it's telling entire generations of people how to travel the world. Fairfax Media (Australia)*Source: Nielsen BookScan: Australia, UK, USA, 5/2016-4/2017
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About for books alex webb and rebecca norris webb: brooklyn, the city within best sellers rank :

is one of the most dynamic and ethnically diverse places on the planet. In fact, it's estimated that one in every eight US families had relatives come through Brooklyn when settling in the country. Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb have been photographing this New York City borough for the past seven years, creating a profound and vibrant portrait. Alex Webb has traversed every corner of the borough, exploring its tremendous diversity. This parallels his work made in the past forty years, traveling to photograph different cultures around the world--all of which are represented in the place he now calls home. Contrasting with this approach, Rebecca Norris Webb photographed "the city within the city within the city," the green heart of Brooklyn--the Botanic Garden, Greenwood Cemetery, and Prospect Park, where Brooklynites of all walks of life cross paths as they find solace. Together, their photographs of Brooklyn tell a larger American story, one that touches on immigration, identity, and home.
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[read] "is this thing on?": a friendly guide to everything digital for newbies, technophobes, and

a personal trainer for the digital age, Abby Stokes is the hand-holding, motivating expert that newbies?specifically older newbies?turn to when they want to become digitally literate. And her book, Is This Thing On?, is as smart, comprehensive, reassuring, and jargon-free as she is: the epitome of user-friendly. And it is now completely revised and updated to keep pace with the fast-changing digital landscape, covering tablets, apps, video streaming, social media, and much more. With the skill and assurance of a teacher who for over 20 years has personally taught computer skills to thousands of seniors and technophobes, Stokes covers it all: How to choose, buy, and start using the computer or tablet that?s just right for you, plus how to set everything up for maximum comfort and safety. How to connect to the Internet, sign up for email, understand and use search engines, and get started with essential skills like word processing and text messaging. How to choose, buy, and start using a smartphone. How to take and share digital photographs and videos. How to discover online communities and participate in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs. How to explore the world of apps, online music, streaming movies, and ebooks. And, importantly, online security? including what to do when things go wrong. Appendices include both Apple and PC keyboard shortcuts and 200 recommended websites and 100 apps; there are FAQs at the end of each chapter and tips and tricks throughout. An all-new companion website?AskAbbyStokes.com?will include video tutorials explaining the latest technologies.
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Full version a third university is possible best sellers rank : #2

Third University is Possible unravels the intimate relationship between the more than 200 US land grant institutions, American settler colonialism, and contemporary university expansion. Author la paperson cracks open uncanny connections between Indian boarding schools, Black education, and missionary schools in Kenya; and between the Department of Homeland Security and the University of California. Central to la paperson?s discussion is the ?scyborg,? a decolonizing agent of technological subversion.Drawing parallels to Third Cinema and Black filmmaking assemblages, A Third University is Possible ultimately presents new ways of using language to develop a framework for hotwiring university ?machines? to the practical work of decolonization.?Forerunners: Ideas First is a thought-in-process series of breakthrough digital publications. Written between fresh ideas and finished books, Forerunners draws on scholarly work initiated in notable blogs, social media, conference plenaries, journal articles, and the synergy of academic exchange. This is gray literature publishing: where intense thinking, change, and speculation take place in scholarship.
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