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System architecture


The Tizen Association formed to guide the industry role of Tizen, including gathering requirements, identifying and facilitating service models, and overall industry marketing and education.

Tizen provides application development tools based on the JavaScript libraries jQuery and jQuery Mobile. Since version 2.0, a native application framework is also available, based on Open Services Platform from the Bada platform.

The software development kit (SDK) allows developers to use HTML5 and related Web technologies to write applications that run on supported devices.

Open environment

The Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group (Coremob) brings developers, equipment manufacturers, browser vendors and operators together to agree on core features that developers can depend on.

HTML5 applications run on Tizen, Android, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch, Windows Phone, and webOS without a browser.

In late January 2013, Tizen 2.0 scored highest at the time in an HTML5 test of any browsers. As the old HTML5 tests were phased out on November 13, 2013, Tizen 2.2 fell below…
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