Thirty-One s December 2012 Monthly Customer Special

Thirty-One's Sept 2012 Monthly Customer Special

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Thirty-One s Sept 2012 Monthly Customer Special

Come Dine With Me: Top 30 Special (Monday December 31, 2012)

Series 27 | Episode 1 | Come Dine with Me Top 30 ? The vault has been ransacked to countdown the top 30 best bits ever. During over a thousand episodes, hund...

Come Dine With Me Top 30 Special Monday December 31 2012
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One month update Dec. 17th 2011_0001.wmv

This is my hair after one month.

One month update Dec 17th 2011 0001 wmv

Thirty-One Gifts December Specials!

For every $31 you spend, get a Holiday "Holi-Buy" for only $5! Choose from a Mini Utility Bin,Thermal Tote,Cinch Sac,Timeless W...

Thirty-One Gifts December Specials www mythirtyone com 31crawley
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Customer Special

Customer Special

P-Noy's New Year Message, 31 December 2012

Source: Video from RTVM Malacanan Palace, | News Release below | Message (Full text) | | Audio | htt...

P-Noy s New Year Message 31 December 2012
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Maryam Zakaria´s performance at Big Star Entertainment Awards 2012 31 dec

Actress Maryam Zakaria performs at Big Star Entertainment Awards 2012.

Maryam Zakaria´s performance at Big Star Entertainment Awards 2012 31 dec
Rating: 5.00/5 [Total raters: 25]

RESTORED!! - Turkey Got Talent - Kaan Baybağ - Christmas Special Program December 31, 2012

Special Programme for New Year's Eve performance of Kaan Baybağ! Never-before-seen images of Kaan's amazing performance! Like and subscribe for more amazing ...

RESTORED - Turkey Got Talent - Kaan Baybağ - Christmas Special Program December 31 2012
Rating: 4.80/5 [Total raters: 202]

3MIN News December 31, 2012

Why I am Here: My 'Agenda' is to undo the lie that is humanity's primary role in global warming; and to differentiate the observa...

3MIN News December 31 2012
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Thirty-One's December 2012 Monthly Customer Special

All this month you can get five of Thirty-One's most popular products for only $5 each! For every $31 spent from Nov. 28-Dec. 31, you'll get one of five Holiday 'Holi-Buys' for more than 60% off -- choose from a Mini Utility Bin, Cinch Sac, Thermal Tote, Timeless Beauty Bag or Timeless Wristlet. Give one to a friend as a personal and practical gift, or just pick one up for yourself!Find a Thirty-One Consultant: our latest Catalog:

Thirty-One s December 2012 Monthly Customer Special
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The object is to obtain a hand with a value total as close as possible to 31, from which the name of the game is taken. The game is usually best played with at least four players.

Details of play

Thirty-one uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Aces are high, counting 11, face cards count 10, and all other cards count face value. Each player gets a hand of three cards. The rest of the deck sits in the middle of the table as stock for the game, and the top card of the stock is turned over to begin the discard.

Each player uses a five dollar bill. After the hands in the first round are dealt, play proceeds as in Gin rummy, with each player, starting with the player to the immediate left of the dealer and going clockwise around the table, taking the top card of either the stock or the discard and subsequently discarding a card. All players are trying to collect a hand value of 31 (or the closest to it) in the same suit. Play continues clockwise around the table until any player knocks or obtains a blitz.

When it is a player's turn, and that player believes their hand is high enough to beat at least one of the opponents, they knock on the table in lieu of drawing and discarding. All other players, going clockwise from the player who knocked, have one more turn to draw from the stock and discard, or they have the option of keeping all three cards in their hands, known as standing. The round ends when the player to the right of the player who knocked has had a final turn.…
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