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How To Build A Deadmau5 Head-Tutorial CustomMau5

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How to make a fiberglassed professional Deadmau5 head tutorial!!!!! BEST

READ::::: foam board- polystyrene available at home depot, lowes, ect 11'x4'x1" sheet 11$ Eyes- kitkraft.com my size 4.5", actual 4" eye lights and splitter-...

How to make a fiberglassed professional Deadmau5 head tutorial BEST
Rating: 4.97/5 [Total raters: 146]

DeadMau5 head how to/tutorial part 2 WITH LIGHTS!

Many people have been asking me for awhile for a complete tutorial on making their own Mau5 heads, well ive finally gotten off my butt and made one! Sorry if...

DeadMau5 head how to tutorial part 2 WITH LIGHTS
Rating: 4.97/5 [Total raters: 115]

Jokermau5 Deadmau5 Head (CustomMau5) FOR SALE

this is a Deadmau5 head made to resemble the Joker from Batman. it is built using a 14" acrylic globe ad the ears are made out of ultra lightweight seat cush...

Jokermau5 Deadmau5 Head CustomMau5 FOR SALE
Rating: 5.00/5 [Total raters: 17]

Paper Mache Deadmau5 Head Tutorial pt. 1/ Channel Intro

I'd just like to say, welcome to my channel, and if you have any kind of question go ahead and drop a comment down below. If you want to like, favorite, and ...

Paper Mache Deadmau5 Head Tutorial pt 1 Channel Intro
Rating: 4.75/5 [Total raters: 16]

Jokermau5 Deadmau5 Head (CustomMau5)

Jokermau5 Deadmau5 Head CustomMau5
Rating: 5.00/5 [Total raters: 35]

How To Build a Deadmau5 Head-Tutorial (CustomMau5)

TRACK: Jovian - I Want Some Tonight (Original Mix) DOWNLOAD LINK http://soundcloud.com/jovianproductions/jovian-i-want-some-tonightto place a custom order, e mail us at CustomMau5@gmail.com

How To Build a Deadmau5 Head-Tutorial CustomMau5
Rating: 4.91/5 [Total raters: 1678]
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