Vipassana thinking

Vipassana - Thinking Process Meditation (30')

A guided vipassana meditation, watching the process of thinking rather than getting involved with the content of thoughts. Done in the style of Shinzen Young...

Vipassana - Thinking Process Meditation 30
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Inside the "Vipassana Meditation" 10 Day Course - Part 1

What everyone thinking about going to a 10 Day Vipassana Meditation course should know about these increasingly popular silent retreats.

Inside the Vipassana Meditation 10 Day Course - Part 1
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After Vipassana

I sat a 10 day Vipassana course just north of Auckland a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend it to anybody thinking of going. Awesome experience. I learn...

After Vipassana
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Inner Transformation from Mindfulness Through Vipassana Meditation

A young woman's yearning for inner peace is about to be realized--at a trip to the woods where she unlocks the secrets of the ever-thinking mind. Hosted by v...

Inner Transformation from Mindfulness Through Vipassana Meditation
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Different Views on Vipassana Meditation

Generate your own relaxing music and healing sounds, using LovEscapes' free online tool - white noise machine and ambient sounds ...

Different Views on Vipassana Meditation
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Vipassana Meditation Experience-- After 3/5

In April of 2010 I attended a 10 day Vipassana Mediation Retreat. These are my thoughts immediately before and after the course. Please feel free to contact ...

Vipassana Meditation Experience-- After 3 5
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Releasing Depression after too much Vipassana Meditation after a year of solid of vipassana meditation in India, i found myself in a bit of a pickle. how do i release the depression...

Releasing Depression after too much Vipassana Meditation
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Vipassana Meditation and Body Sensation: Eilona Ariel at TEDxJaffa 2013

Eilona Ariel is a documentary filmmaker whose work was deeply inspired by her life in Asia and her practice of the ancient meditation technique called Vipass...

Vipassana Meditation and Body Sensation Eilona Ariel at TEDxJaffa 2013
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Byron Katie Codependency, Vipassana Meditation, and the "3 Businesses" (Mindful Vipassana Magician) presents... When we think about another person we immediately leave our body and enter their minds. If we have a negative or positi...

Byron Katie Codependency Vipassana Meditation and the 3 Businesses Mindful Vipassana Magician
Rating: 4.50/5 [Total raters: 8]
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Vipassanā is a Pali word from the Sanskrit prefix "vi-" and verbal root paś. It is often translated as "insight" or "clear-seeing," though, the "in-" prefix may be misleading; "vi" in Indo-Aryan languages is equivalent to the Latin "dis." The "vi" in vipassanā may then mean to see into, see through or to see 'in a special way.'

Henepola Gunaratana defined Vipassanā as:

The suttas contain traces of ancient debates about the interpretation of the teachings, and early classifications and hierarchies. Out of these debates developed the idea that bare insight suffices to reach liberation, by bare insight alone in the Three marks of existence , namely dukkha, anatta and anicca. This is in contradiction with the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path, in which the Buddhist path starts with insight, to be followed by practices to cultivate the mind and reach Nirvana.

The Sthaviravada emphasized sudden insight:}}

The Mahasanghika had the doctrine of ekaksana-citt, "according to which a Buddha knows everything in a single thought-instant".

The emphasis on insight is also discernible in the Mahayana-tradition, which emphasises prajna:}}

Although Theravada and Mahayana are commonly understood as different streams of Buddhism, their practice too may reflect emphasis on insight as a common denominator:}}}}

The emphasis on insight is also discernible in the emphasis in Chán on sudden insight, though in the Chán-tradition this insight is to be followed by gradual cultivatio

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